Pediatric Sleep Coaching

Parenting has become synonymous with exhaustion. It’s almost like a right of passage; with there being some sort of perceived correlation between how great of parent you are and how chronically sleep deprived you have become.

But the truth is, being sleep deprived isn’t healthy for anyone AND it doesn’t have to be your reality just because you are a parent.

The idea of “teaching your child to sleep” almost seems redundant, after all, isn’t that a normal biological process that a child should just “know” how to do? Nope, not in every case and from what I’ve witnessed, not in most cases.

Sleep is a natural biological process but some children are naturally sensitive sleepers, who, when even the slightest bit overtired, will have immense difficulty falling asleep. Others struggled with things like reflux during infancy and in an effort to help ease their discomfort, habits were formed that in the long run actually started preventing them from being able to fall asleep on their own. Then you have issues that come with toddlerhood where children who were previously good sleepers are now unable to sleep on their own and are waking during the night. The sleep issues run the gambit from the commonplace to everything in between. The bottom line is, sleep isn’t always easy, even if you think it should be.

That’s where sleep coaching comes into play. Great sleep shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be a given and every family deserves to have a good night’s rest, every night. I could lecture endlessly about the health hazards of sleep deprivation for both little ones and adults but the bottom line is that when no one is sleeping, everyone feels terrible. Adults start to behave like toddlers with little to no emotional regulation, the ability to focus goes out the window, short term memory down the drain, irritability becomes the norm and it all feels like a never ending cycle of desperation. In a word? It SUCKS.

When it comes to sleep and parenting; work smarter, not harder. There is no medal to be won in wearing sleep deprivation like a badge of honor.

Sleep coaching takes the guesswork out of it for you. It’s our job to assess what’s happening and why and then create a plan to get everyone sleeping well, every night. We study and assess everything from the sleep environment, to the sleep routines, to behavior based interventions (sleep training methods) so we can put together a step-by-step plan that covers all of your bases. The best part? We have a “no man left behind policy,” if our clients are consistent in following the plan, we stick with them until they reach their sleep goals, no matter how long it takes. (Which typically is never longer than two weeks)