Katie M. Kovaleski is the founder of KatieKovaleski.com, a growth mindset life coaching & pediatric sleep coaching site that offers expertise in both areas, providing pediatric sleep expertise as well as personal life coaching for adults.

As a Certified Family Sleep Institute Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Katie works with families around the globe to provide education, prevention and intervention services for all of a child’s sleep needs. Katie’s passion for safe sleep led to her appointment in 2015 as the department head of the Family Sleep Institute’s Safe Sleep Initiative, helping to ensure that no child falls victim to unsafe sleep practices. She looks forward to helping families around the globe achieve great, safe sleep, every night.

As a certified growth mindset life coach with Masters’ Degrees in both Mental Health and Marriage and Family Counseling, Katie’s coaching practice offers not only sleep expertise but also provides a unique support system for the entire family.

Her growth mindset approach to coaching realizes the benefits of self-care and incorporates those tools into every client experience. Her passion for self-care, including yoga, began in December of 2015 when she began taking classes and reaping the benefits of this healing practice.

Her yoga practice, in conjunction with a well-rounded self-care program including daily meditation, helped her realize that significant life changes always begin within and are compounded when practiced every day.