What is PSYCH-K®?

PSYCH-K® is a fast and efficient technique that delivers psychological, social, emotional and spiritual benefits.

PSYCH-K® offers tools that work at the subconscious level allowing many different kinds of symptoms to be relieved. It is a holistic tool that we integrate into our therapeutic approach.

What does PSYCH-K® help with?

PSYCH-K® works directly with the subconscious mind where all of your programming is stored, another way to think of programming is by regarding it as all of the coding or rules that your brain follows on auto pilot.

In PSYCH-K®, we call those programed codes and rules “beliefs.”

Your coded rules or beliefs are either supportive or limiting. And once activated in the brain, there are very few ways to actually change them, PSYCH-K® is one of those ways.

The magic of PSYCH-K® lies in it’s ability to help you create change in two primary ways – by eliminating old, limiting beliefs and replacing them with new, supportive ones AND by transforming the perception of stress around memories, past, present and future. The PSYCH-K® processes allow you create new emotional set points for past stressful memories as well as for present or future worries and fears.

The many benefits of PSYCH-K® are limited only by one’s determination to get to the root of a challenge.

While the PSYCH-K® process itself is fast, the external benefits and changes are contingent upon taking new, supportive actions in your daily life.

PSYCH-K® can help with:

Greater Connection to Personal Power

Greater Internal Peace

Greater Success

Greater Vision

Happier Life

Healthier Body

Improved Self Esteem

Weight Loss



Job Transitions

Sexual Trauma

Improved Sleep

Increased Confidence

Increased Creativity

Increased Prosperity

Increased Values

More Relaxed State of Being

Passionate Living

Phobias Vanquished

Positive Lifestyle

Resolved Anger

Spiritual Growth/Connection

Supportive Beliefs

Releasing Negative Self-Talk

Trauma Release

Addictions Released


Allergies Elimination

Assertive Action

Better Problem Solving

Healthier Relationships

Breaking destructive patterns

Healing Generational Trauma

Inner child healing

Closer Connection to the Divine

Watch this PSYCH-K® video on “The Biology of Belief” from Bruce Lipton

What is it like after a PSYCH-K® session?

Each self-limiting belief or stressful situation that lives in our subconscious mind creates tension and stress in the body and nervous system.

After releasing stored stress and upleveling beliefs, people report feeling lighter, more relaxed, even sleepy.

Imagine carrying a ton of bricks up the hill for years, and then letting it all go.

This integration period might include releasing emotions (crying), or temporary physical sensations like fatigue or bowel movements.

What is PSYCH-K® NOT for?

Manipulation – Every process is done with permission and commitment by your higher self or the person involved, and we simply cannot manipulate with this modality

Making a toxic situation work – If a relationship, situation or job is not working, using this modality won’t make a toxic situation work. You could use it to help you have the courage and confidence to leave, and to learn to embrace all the emotions that come with life.

Being a cure all – Feeling your feelings and making new choices is always required, there is no true change possible without your participation

Eliminating emotions – Many people are conditioned to want to avoid pain and uncomfortable emotions.

While we will be releasing old emotional charges and you will be feeling much lighter and at peace with your past, we all experience normal day to day human emotions.