About Me

Katie M. Kovaleski is the founder of Anytime Sleep Consulting and the CEO of Integration Life Coaching. A Certified Family Sleep Institute Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Katie works with families around the globe to provide education, prevention and intervention services for all of a child’s sleep needs.

As a certified life coach with Masters’ Degrees in both Mental Health and Marriage and Family Counseling, Katie’s practice offers not only sleep expertise but also provides a unique support system for the entire family.

Katie founded Integration Life Coaching in 2010. This life coaching practice caters to individuals, couples and families by offering an effective blend of both counseling and coaching.

Throughout Graduate school and Integration Life Coaching’s development Katie focused on working extensively with children. It is in this niche that she repeatedly witnessed the far reaching issues lack of sleep will create for children and their families. To further her interest in childhood sleep issues, she began training with the Family Sleep Institute (FSI), became a certified sleep consultant in 2013 and founded Anytime Sleep Consulting.

Katie’s passion for safe sleep led to her appointment in 2015 as the department head of the Family Sleep Institute’s Safe Sleep Initiative, helping to ensure that no child falls victim to unsafe sleep practices. She looks forward to helping families around the globe achieve great, safe sleep, every night.

Continuing education seminars, workshops, & webinars attended:

  • Feeding Our Kids- Pediatric Feeding Basics: with Alisha Grogan, MOT OTR/L, Creator of Your Kid’s Table: Topics: Typical Feeding/Eating Development Mealtime Structure and Routine Understanding and Helping Picky Eaters
  • Dr. Alice Callahan’s “The Science of Mom: A Research-Based Guide to Your Baby’s First Year” roundtable webinar talk
  • Dr. Kansagra Pediatric Neurologist and author of “My Child Won’t Sleep” roundtable webinar talk
  • Dr. Robert S. Rosenberg’s “Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day” roundtable webinar talk
  • FSI Annual Conference 2015- sit down round table talk with Dr. Marc Weissbluth, author of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child 
  • Chiropractic & Childhood Sleep Disturbances, Dr. Glory Eidt, D.C.
  • Safe Sleep & Child Care, Cheryl Carey, MSW
  • Pediatric Sleep Opportunities & Considerations, Shalini Paruthi, MD & Robert Rosenberg, MD FCCP
  • Incidence, Pathophysiology, & Treatment of GERD During Infancy, Warren Shapiro, MD FAAP MBBS
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) for Professionals, Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths