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Effective couple's work starts with each partner being open & curious. I recommend a minimum of 8 sessions for couple’s work, beginning with a minimum of 2 individual sessions for each partner prior to beginning work together. This allows each partner to speak freely, do a bit of their own healing work and gain clarity on what they would like to focus on in the joint sessions.

We will also use PSYCH-K® during the sessions to help each partner drop old, limiting belief systems either about themselves, their partner or their relationship in addition to discussing conscious communication techniques and nervous system care. When each partner knows how to fully care for their emotional system, it often helps eradicate any codependent behaviors that might be present.

It is often our old, limiting beliefs that keep us from being able to grow with our partner and vice versa. When you have been in a long term relationship a lot of “plaque” so to speak can build up. This can come in the form of conscious or subconscious resentments, past memories & emotions that are still very triggering or assumptions about the other’s behavior that build over time to create a perception of a pattern or “that’s just how they are.” When we have been in a long term relationship, we are rarely present with only the current version of our partners, we most often are reacting and responding to accumulation of every moment we have ever spent with them. PHEW!

This is why it's incredibly important that each partner gets some 1-1 time to help clear the slate. The 1-1 sessions are designed to help each partner fully release all of the old limiting beliefs that are keeping their relationship stuck and then, once each one feels fully clear and safe to be seen, heard and received, we will together as a group to focus on the topics they wish to resolve.

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