Growth Mindset Life Coaching

Growth Mindset Life Coaching

Dear Change Seekers,

My purpose as a health and wellness coach is to help people connect with and remember who they really are and why they are here – to step into their true power and live from that place – their place of PURPOSE.

Facilitating growth, healing and change is an honor – both in a class setting with The Kollective Co. and in a one-on-one setting as well. As a mental health therapist and certified coach for over a decade, specializing in self-care coaching for the last three years has really helped me narrow down the tools that create the smoothest and most efficient pathways to sustainable life changes.

I’m looking forward to opening up more private coaching spots to share these focused modalities; which are all focused on “making change simple.” The belief that change is hard and has to be an uphill battle is just a thought and thoughts can be changed. Let’s create change in an easy, efficient and sustainable way, together.

Warmly, Katie.

Change Made Simple.

Katie’s coaching focuses primarily on two things: self-care & the rewiring of counter productive, limiting belief systems.

She uses a combination of solution focused therapy tools in conjunction with self-care practices and subconscious rewiring techniques to create simple & sustainable growth and change.

Single session packages are available and a six session package is recommended to experience optimum growth and transformation.

Primary Principles

Self-Care: Engaging in practices that help recondition the mind – that allow us to become open, curious and objective. These include mindful movement, meditation, guided journaling, nutritional support, and introspective dialogue. 

Accountability & Release:  Katie teaches gentle accountability and helps clients take control of their lives by owning what behaviors and thoughts have kept them stuck in the past and then teaches them how to use that knowledge as a tool to create sustainable change in their present and future. 

Transformation: Once a solid foundation of self-care has been established and the nervous system has been grounded, we take the identified limiting beliefs and rebalance them to create new, supportive subconscious patterns using PSYCH-K®️.

Coaching Packages

**All packages and sessions include your choice of format – either in person or virtually via phone or Skype.

**All sessions include the option of  PSYCH-K®️:

PSYCH-K®️is the process of eliminating and replacing self-limiting subconscious belief systems – it is THE easiest and most efficient way to create a path to sustainable growth – for more information click here:

What is PSYCH-K®️

Single Session: 75-minute coaching session in person or via/phone Skype: $125

Four pack: Four, 75-minute coaching sessions to be used in one year of purchase: $475

Six pack: Six, 75-minute coaching sessions to be used in one year of purchase: $695

I would love to help you achieve your personal goals and answer any questions you may have. Let’s connect to get acquainted.