Expert Sleep Training Methods

It’s no longer about “Just Cry It Out”

The number one reason the majority of my clients seek out my services is the lack of options that are given to them by their pediatricians. Unfortunately, the historical solution to a baby’s sleep issues often seems to be to let them just cry it out.

Turning to a Doctor for help with your little one’s sleep is the logical first step in solving sleep issues- and making sure that there aren’t any medical issues driving the problem. But many families are uncomfortable with that solution and still require extra support, scheduling refinements and trouble shooting help.

That’s where I come in. My job is to provide families with options- sleep training method options as well as schedules designed to provide your little ones with the most consolidated sleep possible. I also provide every family with 2-weeks of daily follow up support that allows us to work through any issues that have come up while using the method or making schedule changes. Without the daily support the sleep training plans would not be successful.

Each sleep consultation includes, at minimum, 4 different sleep training method options, ranging from super gradual attachment style parenting methods all the way down the line to extinction, with multiple options in the middle of that spectrum.

Anytime Sleep Consulting provides guidance to parents who are struggling with getting their child to sleep; who want options other than cry it out and who desire a full nap and sleep plan that breaks down the schedule and training method in step-by-step easy to follow pieces. In addition, our daily follow up allows us time to provide guidance and support through all of the ups and downs that sleep training inevitably creates.