Quantum Leap 6-Month Programs

Experience Total Transformation

Creating change isn’t always easy and creating sustainable change often feels impossible. What most people don’t realize is that when it comes to change, reaching the goal is only part of the equation. The programming we have around change itself, desire and our ability to be our own supportive coach are what really dictate whether or not changes will stick in the long run.

Quantum Leap is a 6-month program that utilizes a specific solution process creating the ideal formula needed to make sustainable changes in your life.

 There are two ways to experience Quantum Leap: in a 1-1 private coaching program OR in a small group setting with 4 participants. 

Quantum Leap Programs:


  • 1-1 Program: A 60-minute session every two weeks for 6-months (registration is currently open for 8 spots)
    • Choose your own start date 
  • Group Program: We meet every other Wednesday on Zoom from 6:30-8:30 pm EST & once a month you will receive a 1-1 private session with me 
  • Wednesday , October 11

We cover:

    • Unblocking your relationship with change, desire, and self-talk
    • Neutralizing fear, stress and anxiety from the past to heal on a subconscious level with PSYCH-K®️
    • Reprograming your subconscious mind so you no longer sabotage yourself with  PSYCH-K®️
    • Becoming your own coach – creating healthy habits and beliefs so you can easily support yourself in reaching your goals
    • Action & accountability – you will get really clear about your desires, goals and outcomes and we will use a combination of nervous system tools, solution focused therapy techniques, subconscious reprogramming and action oriented goal plans to bring your goals to fruition


If you zoom out and assess your Major Life Pillars:

  • Money/wealth/finances
  • Relationships/family
  • Health/body/sex
  • Career/work
  • Fun/hobbies/enjoyment

Which of those would you sign up for a transformation?

If you had all the support you needed to create a vision, clear all the obstacles, set clear, tangible easy to digest action steps and see large changes in the next 6-months, what would you like your end result to be?

What isn’t working in those areas & what would you like to see happen instead?

I have dedicated the last 8 years to fine tuning an effective, comprehensive process of change. I have facilitated over 500  group therapy/coaching sessions to refine this process and create a proof of concept. It’s important for me to have integrity in my work and really understand how certain tools and processes effect change in a group setting.

I am ready and excited to launch these 6-month programs that are designed to excel change in a really supportive, easeful way. All you need is openness and curiosity and I will handle the rest.

If you’re ready to take a quantum leap in your life while feeling fully safe and supported, this group is for YOU!

I’m IN!


1-1 Program:

  • Registration for 8 spots is open
  • Choose your own start date
  • We meet every other week for 6-months on Zoom 
  • Investment: $1800
    •  Payment plans are available upon request – including a monthly payment option 

Group Program:

  • Registration for 4 spots is now open 
  • Classes begin on Wednesday, October 11th
  • We meet every other Wednesday for 6-months on Zoom from 6:30-8:30 pm EST
  • Classes are recorded
  • You also receive one 1-1 session per month with me
  • Investment: $2500
    • Payment plans are available upon request – including a monthly payment option 


Let’s set up a quick call to chat about what options might work best for you!