I highly recommend Katie as a sleep consultant. I hired her to help train my 5 month old, who only took 30 minute naps (or less) and was waking up twice to eat at night. She was often cranky and tired during the day and had to be constantly held.

With Katie’s guidance, my daughter is now taking long naps and sleeping through the night. I never thought she would be able to take real, restorative naps and I am so relieved because she is now a happy, rested baby and I’m a much happier mama!

Katie is a joy to work with – creative about sleep solutions, and patient but firm. She is always available and understanding of how emotionally difficult it can be to sleep train. She listens and only pushes you as far as you are comfortable. At the same time, she has clear ideas about what needs to happen to get the baby sleeping, which I found very important. If you are considering hiring a sleep consultant, don’t hesitate to work with Katie!

Tatiana Mom to Luna, 5 months

We heard about Katie and Anytime Sleep Consulting from a friend who kept telling us it was the best money they ever spent. At the time I reached out to Katie, I didn’t know what that meant and was skeptical about sleep training. Our little boy was almost 4 months and was only sleeping 7-9 hours in a 24 hour period so we really needed some help. He was also only sleeping in 45 minute increments even through the night and taking hours in between to fall back to sleep. We were miserable and having a really difficult time finding any enjoyment in being new parents. I contacted Katie and she took the time to answer all the questions I had before signing up for a consult. We were so eager to get started once we had the plan and Katie was with us every step of the way. Within 2 nights, he was falling asleep on his own and within two weeks he was only waking 1-2 times per night and taking all of his naps! At 5.5 months, he cut out middle of the night feedings on his own. He is almost 10 months old and we have had very little trouble with him since working with Katie. If we ever do, we go back to “the plan” and I’ve been able to reach out to her from time to time with quick questions. She’s always willing to help, of which I am so appreciative. I really don’t know where we’d be without Katie and Anytime Sleep Consulting. Regularly, my husband and I say to one another – “That was the best money we ever spent.”

Sabrina Mom To Bernard, 4 months

I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping Lucy to learn how to put herself to sleep and stay asleep. She’s really progressed and usually falls asleep quickly and without much fuss now and usually sleeps 12 hours at night and naps easily too. We’re all so much better rested and happier and I am just so thrilled you made that happen. It has made such a huge difference in our lives and I am so thankful to you for your support. I wish I had found you earlier!!

Kristin Mom to Lucy, 8 months

I hired Katie to help me sleep train my 16 month old son and then rehired her for my 5 month old daughter. After doing my own research, I was aware of the importance of sleep and developing good sleep habits at an early age. I was having difficulty sleep training my son which is why I reached out to Katie. Once I hired and met with Katie, I knew I had done the right thing. She listened to my concerns and goals and tailored a sleep plan and training method to work for me. In addition, she provided firm guidelines but was flexible with the training methodology during the process. She did this for both of my kids. I felt comfortable going through this emotional process knowing that I had her knowledge and support behind me the entire time.

With regards to my 16 month old son, I was still co-sleeping with him for naps because I couldn’t get him to take naps in his crib for longer than 30 minutes. In addition, he would wake up too early in the morning and it would be difficult to get him to go back to sleep until 6 or 7 am in the morning. After working with Katie, he was taking long restorative naps in his crib and sleeping until 6 or 7 am in the morning. Based on this success, I rehired Katie to help me sleep train my 5 month old daughter. My daughter was waking up every 3 hours at night to be comforted and would not take naps in her crib. Within a week of working with Katie, my daughter was sleeping through the night with one feeding and also taking long restorative naps in her crib.

I highly recommend Katie as a sleep consultant. This is one of the best investments I have made when it comes to my family. Thanks to Katie both my kids are rested and happy. In addition, I have more quality time with my husband. Win Win!

Lona Mom to Lachlan 2.5 years & Presley 5 months

“Everyone is sleeping great.  I feel totally set up for success with all your advice and rules and plans. I can do it! Thank you so very much for all your help – you really brought so much peace back into our little apartment. I can’t thank you enough. And I’m going to use your sleep plan and your advice in your emails like my own personal sleep bible Thank you!!!”

Emily Mom to Jay 2 years & Rosie 5 months

I highly recommend Anytime Sleep Consulting. ASC was recommended to us by a close friend whose daughter was having issues sleeping through the night. She said utilizing ASC was a life changer and I’m here to tell you it really is. My first phone conversation with Katie went very well. I could tell she was knowledgeable and she noted some corrections to our son’s sleeping environment and schedule right away. At our first meeting Katie assessed our son’s sleeping environment and provided options for sleep training. She explained the pros and cons of each and we decided on a method our family was comfortable with. Katie was a great support throughout the entire process. She was always accessible and responsive to any call or text any time during the day or night. Katie helped validate the method and hold us to our commitment to the program. Our son was sleeping through the night and consistently napping within a week. Not to say there wasn’t some heartache along the way but our family is now well rested and our son is thriving on his new sleep schedule. It’s a whole new world and we have ASC to thank for it.

Suzi Mom to Grayson, 21 months

My son was 8 months old and still waking 3-5 times a night. Within a few days of following the sleep plan Katie laid out for us, he was sleeping practically through the night. The information I now have at my fingertips is invaluable. I am one grateful Momma!

Joy Mom to Liam, 8 months

We are forever grateful!!! We were sleeping with our 6 mo on our chest in a recliner most of the night. Now everyone is in their bed! Some people are able to transition to a normal sleep pattern without difficulties but for us it was a difficult step, Katie has been there to answer our questions and ease our anxiety. Our life has changed and we are well rested!!

Ingrid Mom to Cristian, 6 months

My son was never a good sleeper. From the time we came home from the hospital he would only sleep in the swing for naps AND nighttime sleep. For months, we would rock him to sleep and then put him in the swing and we never got more than a 4 hour stretch out of him and even that was rare.

We battled formula changes, reflux meds, swaddling techniques, etc. but his sleep never seemed to get better. At about 4.5 months the regression hit and the 2-3 hour stretches we used to get turned in to him waking up every ½ hour – 1 hour…All. The. Time. We would rock him for 30-40 minutes only to get at 30-60 minutes of sleep. It was exhausting and frustrating and sleep deprivation was controlling our life.

Out of desperation, I decided to hire a sleep consultant. I had read all about sleep training and the different methods but in my exhausted state, I could never decide which one would be best for us and every day I had some new plan that we never could stick to because we didn’t feel confident in the logic behind it. I knew I needed someone with the knowledge to listen to our situation, give us the options and help us stick to it. This is exactly what Katie did.

She gave us a very detailed plan of the sleep training method we chose and the reasoning behind all the elements of it. This was really helpful because a lot of times, you cant understand why certain things work. Katie was always available via text to answer any questions and help us plan the daily nap and sleep schedule.

She had our son sleeping through the night, in his crib on night 2. I couldn’t believe it! He was going down awake, self soothing and sleeping for 10 hours straight! Her plan worked like a charm and having her support daily to remind me why we were scheduling the day a certain way, etc. was extremely important. I learned a ton from her and I refer to our “exit interview” notes everyday to help keep the nap and bedtime schedule on track.

I owe Katie my sanity….my husband and I couldn’t be happier! Our little one is sleeping 13 hours a night and napping on a schedule, which has done wonders for his demeanor. I highly recommend Katie and her sleep consulting services. We live out of state and even though she couldn’t visit us in person, she was always available for us via phone or email. It was the best thing we ever did!

Ashley Mom to Grover, 4.5 months

“I have to share with you an awesome sleep consultant we used for our horrible sleeper! My 8 month old never STTN, but she cut her top 4 teeth and started to refuse sleep unless she was sleeping with me in the recliner in her room. She wouldn’t even co-sleep in a bed. Seriously, she was a nightmare. I used Katie, a sleep consultant with Anytime Sleep Consultants, and it has changed our lives. My lo is sleeping 12 hours straight through the night (and she is currently cutting a tooth) and taking great naps. I paid Katie for a 2 week service, but of course my lo was so difficult, she required more time. Katie stuck with us for 5 weeks, didn’t ask for any more money and made sure my lo’s sleep was consistent and stable. She offered different sleep plans depending on what you are comfortable with, but most importantly she was there for me ALL the time for support, answers and encouragement. I feel the need to share this with you guys because it has been such a huge game changer for us to have a baby that sleeps.”

Danae Mom to Kate, 8 months

“We were referred to Katie by a friend of ours who had many good things to say about the sleep consulting services that she received. Even though our 7-month-old daughter was overall a pretty good sleeper (or at least we thought so!), we decided to call Katie and have her assess the situation to see how we could improve her sleep.

Our goal was to have our baby take longer naps during the day, sleep longer at night, and have fewer night wakings. Prior to calling Katie our baby was taking very brief naps (20-30 min), often skipping naps, and was difficult to put down to sleep for the night. She would wake during the night usually once or twice on average and only sleep for 8-9 hours.

After consulting with Katie, my wife and I followed her suggested routine and schedule for a two-week period. After just a few days into this “training period” we started noticing a change in our baby. She began taking longer naps during the day and was sleeping through the night uninterrupted. By the end of training she was sleeping for 12 hours straight through the night and she was taking two 60-minute naps per day!

Our daughter is now 10 months old and she is continuing to take great naps and sleeps very well and long at night. Overall she is much happier, less fussy, and more well rested than before…which makes for two happy parents! We highly recommend calling Katie if you and your little one(s) want to sleep better at night…best investment we’ve made in a long time.”

Brian Dad to Alexandra, 7 months

We were struggling a great deal with our four month old daughter’s sleep habits. After struggling our way through colic, she would only nap 30 mins at a time and was up every two hours at night. Our pediatrician told us to stop swaddling her, take her pacifier away and let her cry it out. After trying with little success for one week, we desperately needed help. Katie quickly formed a plan for us, giving us training and soothing options while also educating us on the pros and cons of each. She corrected our schedule and got us down to only one feeding at night. She was there for us every step of the way – encouraging us, answering all of our questions and guiding us in real time. She is incredibly knowledgeable. Patient, yet firm. Kind and supportive. We are ALL better rested because of Katie’s help.

Heather Mom to Avery, 4 months

Thanks, Katie. It is going so well.  I can’t possibly thank you enough and I have passed your name along more times than I can count at this point.  She has slept right through every single night except that one when she was sick. I feel like I have my life back…. I used my bathtub for the first time since before I was pregnant the other day.  I was literally crying with the simple joy of being able to have a few minutes of solitude. Working full time, parenting my older one, taking care of London and the house all get very exhausting. It is nothing short of amazing how much positive impact it has had just having those few hours back at night.  For her part, London is such a happy baby. She was before but now she seems lit from within and she is starting to develop much more quickly (almost crawling, pulling up, etc.)….I think she may have just not had the energy before. We have to wake her every morning at 7 and we are finding that to be great fun.  She wakes right up with a smile.

Becky Mom to London, 8 months

We began sleeping training when our little one was eight months. I must say I was more than skeptical. Addison was feeding on-demand at night, wouldn’t sleep in her crib (only on the floor), could not self-soothe, or sleep through a sleep cycle, therefore was waking every hour at night, and would only nap during the day while being held. On top of that she was finally recovering from GERD/silent acid reflux, and a dairy intolerance which made her a very colicky baby.

Our pediatrician also concluded that we had a very strong willed, “passionate” baby, he put it nicely. I finally hit my breaking point as I was not enjoying motherhood and I felt I was just too sleep deprived to be a good Mommy to her during the day! (And lots of convincing from my husband.)

I honestly did not think a sleep consultant would work, but figured at least if we tried it then I could say we had done everything for our baby to make it work. I was also completely against a “cry it out” method. Katie was very understanding and patient with us. While we picked the sleep method that would create the most work for us, she walked us through step-by-step and made sure we felt confident carrying it out.

She came to our home, evaluated our nursery and suggested a few changes to make the sleeping environment more conducive. Katie was also incredibly responsive with questions and daily/hourly feedback. She helped to mentally prepare us for the coming weeks of training. As we came to the middle of the training she was able to give us very specific recommendations and told us necessary modifications to make as Addison learned the new sleep methods.

Katie also did not leave us hanging. We had a family emergency come up in the second week of our training and she helped us prepare Addison for travel. She also stuck with us an extra week when we returned to town, so that the work we had begun would not go to waste. My desire was to have Addison sleeping in her crib, taking two naps a day, and waking only once a night for a feeding. With Katie’s close instruction we have finally reached those goals!

We could not be happier to have gone through this process! We have a happier, healthier, baby that is now learning to self soothe. It is wonderful to see her real personality come out! And her Dad and I now have the energy we need to be good parents, and enjoy being her parents! I can’t say the process was easy, it was hard work, but I could not have done it without Katie! There simply is not a sleep book out there that can answer questions specifically about my unique child as situations arise, but the sleep consultant did just that! I would recommend this to anyone with a baby that needs sleep!

Melanie Mom to Addison, 8 months

Thanks to Katie from Anytime Sleep Consulting our daughter 11 months (at the time) started taking her naps again.  She was doing great and then all of sudden, stopped taking the afternoon one, or it was very short. It was 3 weeks + of doing the same routine and wondering why this was happening.  Katie decided to make a few small changes and reconnect over 10 days. I’m proud to say, she went back to napping at her regular times and there were no problems. She also had also great FB page where she answers questions and helps people out. Would highly recommended her to anyone having any sleep issues with your little ones She’s kind and responded with patience and compassion.

Kinga Mom to Juliana, 11 months

“Thanks for all of your help, it’s been such a relief to have a plan I can be consistent with.”

Jaki Mom to a 5 month old

“We officially have a sleeping-through-the-night 8 month old. As soon as she finishes her bottle at night, she’s ready to be laid down in her crib without a peep. She sleeps through the night and a few times already this past week I’ve woken up in the morning to her sitting up in her crib, keeping herself busy and quiet until I come turn on the lights to get the day started. Her naps this past weekend went off without a hitch.Thanks so much for your help. We are very, very pleased.”

Nicole Mom to Sadie, 8 months

“I emailed Katie every single day about my progress from the day before and that morning. For the first few days, she would give me a plan from that email, and my husband and I were always amazed if we followed her advice exactly, our baby would sleep exactly when she said he would!! The daily emails worked great for us.”

Carol Mom to Jack, 7 months

“Elise was having trouble putting herself to sleep, beating her head against her crib every night.  She was waking up multiple times each night and would cry for hours if we let her. Naps were hit or miss and I never knew what her schedule would be each day because sleep each night was different.Our sleep training experience with Katie was wonderful!  We were able to get Elise on a schedule with her naps and bedtime. She now goes right to sleep when we lay her down. We are on track to getting full nights of sleep every night!Working with Katie was a pleasure. She was very personal and took time to make a personal plan to fit our family. She was willing to help whenever we needed and walked us through every step.”

Sarah Mom to Elise 18 months

“Our 4 month old daughter was a pretty good sleeper at night until she started rolling over. She was still being swaddled and it was no longer safe because she kept trying to turn onto her tummy at night. This is also the reason why she started waking up every 2 hours.Furthermore, her naps weren’t very long. She would always wake up right after 35 minutes. That meant no sleeping when the baby sleeps as they always say.With Katie’s help our baby was able to lose the swaddle and co-sleeper she had been sleeping in in her crib and her naps began to lengthen.My husband and I also regained much needed alone time in the evenings since Katie suggested an age appropriate early bedtime. I wasn’t sure about this at first but it turned out that our daughter wanted it and after only a couple of days she was sleeping from around 6 or 7 pm, until around midnight when she woke for a quick snack and then went right back to sleep until 7 am.During the 2 weeks of sleep training Katie was always available via text or email which was very helpful. It was good having someone else to go through the process with.”

Mom to a 4 month old baby girl

“I appreciated Katie was available to sit down and meet with me in person. It helped greatly because I felt that I could have one on one face time for her to understand my struggles. She was able to see how my life is run when she sat down with me, which I think better helped create a more individualized plan for my child.”

Lauren Mom to 3.5 year old

“Bedtime and nap time for our child was erratic, inconsistent and quite honestly a battle. After Katie put a plan together with ways to handle the obstacles thrown at us by our child everything became super easy for all parties involved in sleep time. We no longer experience any dinner time grumpy behavior or morning tiredness. His teacher noticed a difference after one week without knowing how sleep patterns had successfully changed. Katie did a wonderful job and I would definitely recommend her to anyone having issues (even minor issues) with their little precious strong willed cutie.”

Kristin Mom of a 3 year old

“I would highly recommend Anytime Sleep Consulting, Katie was so supportive.  She will give you the tools you need to succeed on your own and the emotional support to stick to it when you don’t feel that you can go on”

Mom to a well-rested baby boy

“We had been attempting to sleep train our 6 month old on our own after researching online and reading a couple of books. Before working with Katie, our little guy was waking a few times a night, waking for the day at 5am, and taking very short, scattered naps. We were nursing him or rocking him to sleep anywhere from 15-45 minutes for bedtime and naps!Katie provided us with a solid sleep plan and most importantly consistent support and encouragement. She was always available to us and encouraged us to stick with the plan even when we were bleary eyed from sleep loss and feeling hopeless. If we had a particular problem that day we couldn’t figure out she would be there to trouble shoot. The most important thing I took from her help is the ability to adapt her sleep plan to any particular day depending on how my baby sleeps that day. Our baby now averages 11 hours of sleep at night or more without any night wakings, and his naps are progressively getting longer. Most importantly, he is able to self-soothe during night/nap wakings, and go to bed awake and fall asleep on his own!”

Carol Mom to Jack, 7 months