What is PSYCH-K®️

In order to achieve true growth and change (sustainable growth) it's imperative to understand the difference between the conscious and the subconscious mind. This understanding will eliminate the need for the other 99% of how you spend your time when thinking about or working towards your goals. Let 2022 be the year you apply conscious action steps to goals that are firmly supported by subconscious belief systems.

This will RAPIDLY accelerate your path to success - RAPIDLY.

If you ever find yourself in a state of resistance or telling yourself to “power through” or “man up” or something of that nature, you likely have a subconscious belief blocking your way. If you have ever adopted a new goal, plan etc, think workout plan, nutrition path, career change and have given it up part way through - this is for you.

Do you ever make yourself "power through"?

You might be able to “power through” temporarily while working towards these goals but the key here is the recognition of the level of difficulty. If you’re having to power through it - pay attention because something is off. Typically, if it’s a goal you truly desire, you have a subconscious belief system blocking your path. And NO amount of reading, research, understanding the problem, venting about it, asking for outside opinions, wondering what’s wrong with you, over-analyzing, or applying logic or reason will help you. When our conscious goals are not supported by our subconscious beliefs, we will experience a state of resistance when pursuing those action steps. 95% of all of our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, values and perceptions are driven by the subconscious mind.

So it’s imperative to be able to identify when you have a self limiting, incongruent subconscious belief system and then apply a process to rebalance and shift that belief. Or your life will likely be a serious series of uphill battles.
And we will find the path arduous and difficult and will often abandon the goal. This is because we are constantly fighting an internal dissonance. So it takes 100 times more energy to just implement one or two steps when we know it should be easy.

Here is a real time example...

So say that you have always had a hard time budgeting and dealing with finances. You want to save money to buy a house so you set the conscious goal of budgeting monthly and checking in with said budget weekly. You do alright with this plan for the first few months and then find yourself checking in less and less. Every time you even think about completing the task you feel internal resistance and dread having to do it. Even though you “know” it’ll only take a few minutes. In fact, you spend about 20 times as much time thinking about how much you don’t want to do it then it would actually take to get it done. What’s the deal? Turns out, you were told as a child you weren’t good at math, you weren’t good with numbers and you believed it. That belief became rooted in your subconscious and now, every time you have to apply mathematical reasoning to anything, simple or not, you experience a LOT of resistance. This keeps you from budgeting which keeps you from saving what you need to buy a house which keeps you stuck. Your subconscious belief is incongruent with your conscious desires.

And your subconscious beliefs will always reign supreme. ALWAYS.

Our subconscious beliefs are incredibly powerful - they can single handedly keep us stuck or quickly and easily propel us forward. No amount of reason, reading, research, over analyzing, talking things through or conscious knowledge can change subconscious belief systems. So most of the time, the strategies we employ to “help ourselves” typically causes even more upset when we still find ourselves struggling despite how much “we know what to do.” Just understanding this concept - the difference between the conscious and subconscious and how they function can set you free by eliminating the over thinking and allowing you to understand when your subconscious is at play.

Change your subconscious beliefs and your ENTIRE life will change.

PSYCH-K®️is one of the only (and the fastest and most efficient) way to rebalance subconscious belief systems. It’s an incredible process and I’m so excited to be facilitating in Orlando and the surrounding areas. Change is easy, fun and sustainable. How’s that for a feel good belief? Interested in making it YOUR default? Let’s schedule a session OR book a half day or weekend intensive, where we will be facilitating all day long with some amazing meditations in between.