The Art of Confrontation


It’s TIME! Facing things we have actively been avoiding can feel daunting, anxiety provoking and scary AND it’s necessary in order to make room in your life and in your mind for what you actually WANT in your life. Mastering the art of confrontation is an invaluable skill set that will allow you to soar in the areas of your life you tend to get stuck in, find yourself constantly spiraling about or actively avoid taking action on. CUE- this new 6-week series, "Mastering the Art of Confrontation!"

Most people have negative associations with the word confrontation. (And those can be reprogrammed with PSYCH-K) And it’s unfortunate because confrontation is a natural, inevitable and necessary part of life.

To me, confrontation doesn’t mean fighting - it means being able to stand still and look the thing that makes you quake in your boots dead in the eye and say exactly what you think, feel and need. And here’s the thing - confrontation or having crucial conversations isn’t something most of us have supportive programming around.

So WHAT does confrontation really look and sound like?


OR this...


Most people find this part of life hard Af or dreadful at best. But the people who look forward to confrontation and who do it well? They move forward FASTER. Somewhere in life they learned that honing in and sharping their skills of confrontation would serve them well and ultimately function as spring board, allowing them to take quantum leaps quickly and often.

We DRAIN our own energy and resources by spending our time avoiding confrontation. And I mean DRAIN ourselves. Most people spend far more time, energy and resources on avoiding things than they ever do on pursuing them.

Learn how to artfully and gracefully confront things in your life and mountains will begin to move.

If you needed a sign to confront the thing you’ve been avoiding, this is it and in this 6-week series we will:


This course includes:
• Nervous system care (self-care)
• Subconscious change to clear blocks and up-level limiting beliefs with PSYCH-K
• Discussion and real time confrontation practice
• Weekly confrontation goal setting

Join us:
• Every Wednesday for 6-weeks beginning on 6/14
• 7-8:30 pm EST on Zoom
• 6 spots available
• Weekly payment plans available
• In between session support & accountability

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