Sleep Basics

Posted by admin on August 13, 2019 in Free Tip Tuesday


New teeth on the horizon?  Approaching a milestone or nap transition?  Don’t cringe, smile! These are signs of healthy growth and development!  When you arm yourself with a little sleep knowledge and a hearty sleep training method you can sail through these developmental periods with nothing but new tooth smiles and high fives.

Not sure where to begin?  The key is knowing what to expect.  Whether your child is 4 or 17 months, the basics stay the same.

Things to remember:

  • Research what to expect sleep wise for the first 18 months of life, either by hiring a consultant when you are expecting or by asking for help via a variety of sleep services available right when sleep issues arise
  • Prevention is always easier than intervention
  • Mark on your calendar for the first 18 months when each sleep milestone will most likely be occurring, this will help you stay on track and you can start making small changes to help you get ready for the times of transition
  • Always know what the most age appropriate, biologically beneficial sleep schedule is for your child and adjust them as they age
  • Arm yourself with in-depth knowledge of a particular sleep training method. With the exception of the very gradual methods, the one you choose should serve you well for at least the first 18 months
  • When sleep issues arise, review your schedule, make sure it’s on point, in times of nap dropping always make sure bedtime is moved earlier, and re-implement your sleep training method.

Most importantly- manage those expectations.  No child will have a perfect night, every night. That is NORMAL.  Just because one night is amazing and the next isn’t doesn’t mean the world is ending.  This is ESPECIALLY true during times of sleep training, transitions and milestones.  Your child is learning new skills, I know, I know, your child is particularly smart, but remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  If you have an off day, take a step back, keep a positive attitude and don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. (So to speak ;))