Free Tip Tuesday

Tossing your toddler an iPad to distract them? Think twice. You could be causing long-term damage, here is why.

Posted by admin on November 19, 2019 in Current Research Findings Free Tip Tuesday

“The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends NO television or screen exposure for children younger than two years of age” Children are sensory beings, especially in their first years of life.  Their natural and most effective means of learning and experiencing the world is through using all of their senses.  Watching television, using iPads, computers and

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Is Knowledge Really Power When It Comes to Parenting?

Posted by admin on November 13, 2019 in Free Tip Tuesday

Is Knowledge Really Power When It Comes To Parenting? WSJ recently featured an article in their “Venture Capitalist Dispatch” blog titled The ‘Quantified Baby’: Rest Devices Aims to Popularize Wearable Infant Monitor.” The blog post described a new wearable physiological baby-monitoring device that is set to hit markets in January of 2014. This wearable device is

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The Truth About Night Feeds

Posted by admin on September 17, 2019 in Free Tip Tuesday

Sleep Myth of the Day:  If my Child continually has a night waking at the same time every night, they must be hungry. This Myth is FALSE!  While exact ages for dropping night feedings differs from child to child, consistent night wakings may actually be negative sleep associations or sleep crutches that have formed from continually providing

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Reflux & GERD Tips

Posted by admin on August 20, 2019 in Free Tip Tuesday

Last week I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Warren Shapiro speak about “the incidence , pathophysiology and treatment GERD during infancy.” Reflux has become a common issue among infants and is also what pediatricians consider to be commonly over-diagnosed. One important factor to remember is that some amount of reflux is normal; all babies

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Sleep Basics

Posted by admin on August 13, 2019 in Free Tip Tuesday

  New teeth on the horizon?  Approaching a milestone or nap transition?  Don’t cringe, smile! These are signs of healthy growth and development!  When you arm yourself with a little sleep knowledge and a hearty sleep training method you can sail through these developmental periods with nothing but new tooth smiles and high fives. Not

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Sleep Shaping Tips 2-4 months

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on August 6, 2019 in Free Tip Tuesday

Quick tips to sleep shaping (2-4 months) Last week we focused on sleep shaping for newborns, once that initial foundation is set, here is what you can do when your baby is 2-4 months old to really get them ready for sleep training. The Crib Now that you have introduced the crib into your child’s

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Sleep Shaping tips for 0-8 weeks

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on July 30, 2019 in Free Tip Tuesday

When can you begin sleep training ? True sleep training should never take place before the adjusted age of 4 months old.  Adjusted age refers to when your baby was born, if they were born early, you have to adjust their age and account for the early birth.  Ie. If your child was born two weeks early,

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