Pediatric Sleep Coaching

The Mindful Parent & Sleep Coaching 

Dear Parents, 

I know you are tired. I know there are a million voices on the internet telling you conflicting things about how to help your child sleep and/or causing you to question IF you should sleep train at all. 

I’m here to offer you a different approach; one that approaches sleep training as a family trust building exercise, with great sleep as a nice addition to the bonding that will take place. 

This is what happens when we incorporate mindfulness AND sleep coaching. Sleep training while exhausted can appear to be a daunting process and creating a mindfulness based approach allows us to build healthy sleep habits while creating a deeper trust between you and your child. 

Each sleep plan incorporates mindfulness based exercises that are easily incorporated into the bedtime routine (even for infants) that decrease anxiety and allow for bonding and trust building. Of course, we also focus on the essential sleep elements that are often missing or aren’t being addressed in a way that’s helpful and supportive for your child. 

We study and assess everything, from the sleep environment and sleep routines to behavior-based interventions (sleep training methods) so we can put together a step-by-step plan that covers all of your bases. The best part? We have a “no man left behind policy.” If our clients are consistent in following the plan, we stick with them until they reach their sleep goals – no matter how long it takes. (But typically it’s not longer than two weeks!)

Is this all about Cry It Out? NOPE. Here is why 

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