Convinced Your Child Hates Their Crib? We Can Help!

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on August 27, 2019 in Free Tip Tuesday

I frequently hear my client’s state during consultations that their child “hates their crib.” ┬áThis is a common issue for families who are embarking on a sleep training journey and have had difficulty putting their baby down to sleep in the crib. ┬áNot using the crib typically leads to a slew of other negative sleep

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Sleep Shaping Tips 2-4 months

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on August 6, 2019 in Free Tip Tuesday

Quick tips to sleep shaping (2-4 months) Last week we focused on sleep shaping for newborns, once that initial foundation is set, here is what you can do when your baby is 2-4 months old to really get them ready for sleep training. The Crib Now that you have introduced the crib into your child’s

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Sleep Shaping tips for 0-8 weeks

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on July 30, 2019 in Free Tip Tuesday

When can you begin sleep training ? True sleep training should never take place before the adjusted age of 4 months old.  Adjusted age refers to when your baby was born, if they were born early, you have to adjust their age and account for the early birth.  Ie. If your child was born two weeks early,

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