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Is Knowledge Really Power When It Comes to Parenting?

Posted by admin on November 13, 2019 in Free Tip Tuesday

Is Knowledge Really Power When It Comes To Parenting? WSJ recently featured an article in their “Venture Capitalist Dispatch” blog titled The ‘Quantified Baby’: Rest Devices Aims to Popularize Wearable Infant Monitor.” The blog post described a new wearable physiological baby-monitoring device that is set to hit markets in January of 2014. This wearable device is

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Strong Willed or Sleep Deprived? You Decide. It’s Free Tip Tuesday!

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on February 5, 2019 in Free Tip Tuesday

About 90% of my clients describe their children and babies as being “strong-willed” or “stubborn.” These traits typically give them pause about sleep training and whether or not it will work with their child. Fortunately, every single one of them has discovered throughout the process that their children aren’t unruly, stubborn or particularly strong willed;

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