Top 5 Infant Sleep Tips

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on February 19, 2019 in Free Tip Tuesday
How to lay a solid sleep foundation from birth

Here are Our Top 5 Tips:

  • Practice putting your baby down drowsy but awake as frequently as possible.
  • Set the sleep scene; keep the sleep environment cool, dark and use white noise.
  • Use a separate sleep space – while letting your baby sleep on you won’t create a terrible habit before 2-3 months of age, the more frequently you allow them to sleep in their own safe space, the better.
  • Avoid motion based sleep – while rocking to sleep, using car rides, and swings (or other products that are motion based) might seem like a quick fix, they can become really tough habits to break.
  • Minimize awake time windows – infants will spend the majority of their time sleeping, if your baby is going hours without sleep, you are missing their sleep windows and they are likely overtired. During the first few months of life, they will likely be only to tolerate 60-75 minutes of awake time MAX.