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Posted by Katie Kovaleski on April 13, 2020 in life coaching

A lot of the feelings and struggles people are experiencing right now are the exact same things they experience internally on a daily basis. It’s often easier to ignore it when we have the “normal” habitual day-to-day patterns in place.

Now that “normal” has been disrupted universal truths that have always been true are hitting hard. The truth is, we never really know what’s coming, ever. The only certainty is uncertainty.

If you’re feeling shaken by the uncertainty of what’s happening now on a macro scale, you’ve always been carrying around that same fear, on a micro level, likely buried beneath the surface, far enough down that you didn’t have to look at it.

This virus is forcing the world to slow down, so let’s do just that. Slow down. Take an internal look at all the fears that come up and acknowledge that you have been carrying them around for a long, long time.

I invite you to become open and curious without fear – these human bodies are not built for forever, none of us are getting out of this human existence alive in these bodies. If death is a certainty, why are we so fearful of it?

What choices are we making in our day-to-day lives that we aren’t proud of? What have we been putting off, what have we been resistant to look at? What would we do differently if we didn’t have the option to run, or numb or distract ourselves?

Play a little game with yourself – imagine that all of your vices had been taken away, no alcohol, no drugs, no junk food, no over exercising, over yoga’ing to spiritually by pass feelings, over sleeping, no ______, (fill that in with whatever you grab to feel better) and tell me, how would you feel? What lies would you stop selling yourself?

What thoughts would you be desperate to push away? What memories would haunt you? What choices would you reevaluate? Would you quit your job? Would you pursue a passion with no logical evidence showing it would work? Would you leave your lover?

What would you do if you let yourself feel EVERYTHING? And what if I told you, you would be okay? That you wouldn’t melt into an abyss of feelings so deep that you would never recover.

What if I told you that clearing out your body would help you clear out and connect with your mind and spirit so that they could finally heal? What if I told you that you carry around, on your back every single day, every unprocessed emotion, thought and memory you have ever had? And that they grow heavier and heavier on you every time you ignore, numb, distract or run?

There is nothing in your subconscious mind that hasn’t already passed through the conscious mind. Don’t be scared of what’s already inside of you. Invite yourself to take a look, release the baggage and figure out what you really want to be doing in and with your life, figure out WHO you want to be. And then go do that.

The choice is yours, always has been. Set yourself free.

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