Can People Really Change?

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on November 11, 2019 in life coaching self-care

Can people really change? Especially after a certain age? (I.e. adulthood) I believe, with absolute certainty, that they can. I’ve done it myself and have created a business based on it. Believing that people can’t really change “who they are” is just a thought, and thoughts can be changed. In fact, entire belief systems can be changed.

I invite you to start questioning your own thoughts and beliefs – how does it feel to believe people can’t change? If it feels small and contracting, it’s self-limiting and it allows for a dodging of accountability and responsibility when it comes to personal growth. Our personalities, what make us “who we are,” are based on our subconscious beliefs – the thoughts we had and stories we told ourselves during all of our experiences, especially in childhood, particularly those that were emotionally charged, becoming the driving force behind 95% of our current thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviors. So they basically comprise our “personalities” or “who we are.”

And I have some good news for all the non-believers – those things can EASILY be changed. From a whole brain state, we can access the subconscious and rebalance ANY belief. What does that mean? It means beliefs are just thoughts we repeatedly think and emotionally charged thoughts from past situations cemented belief systems that created “who we are” and those systems can be directly accessed and upgraded. You create new beliefs every day, if you want to create sustainable change in your life, let’s mindfully pick which beliefs you want to start operating under. You are an electromagnetic being, having a human experience, you were created to feel good. So let’s pick some beliefs that support that, shall we?

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