Posted by Katie Kovaleski on August 31, 2020 in life coaching

I firmly believe that we create the reality we live in and experience through our thoughts, words, beliefs and actions. Being in a bit of a total life detox over the last 6 weeks has been blissful in hindsight and had moments when I felt like I was walking blind folded, barefoot, on broken glass. I had to constantly remind myself and ask for reflections (thank you @jen_menzel & @samacepilot) of the innate truth I occasionally forget that growth contains struggle and pain. And that those things can be healed when we can adopt tools and new ways of seeing things.

I’ve reached a new peak, where I feel clear, open and able to see new possibilities and am looking out over the next 6 months with “I CREATE MY OWN REALITY”, ringing hard and true in my mind. In this newly developed normal, I no longer dive head first into overcommitting or doing what I think “I should” do or make my choices based on what I want others to do. Everyone can and will take care of themselves. That thought alone frees up a lot of space in my world. The new mindset is about honoring my human design, using my creativity to imagine my ideal world and life for the next 6 months by dreaming a few different possibilities and paths, seeing which ones feel the best just by imagining them and THEN turning the reigns over to my spirit, soul, intuition. I’ve asked my inner wise woman to let me play creatively and then let her guide me towards the path that will best fulfill what lights me up. To present clear cut opportunities directly in my path that will make the next decision and the next one and the next one easy AF to follow. The fun new part for me is not getting attached to any one outcome. I’ve thought of a bunch of different paths and possibilities that would be fun and now get to watch which unfold and am committed to following the opportunities, wherever they may lead.

My inner work here comes in by keeping my energy super clean and following the sparks knowing full well they might lead me somewhere that had never even entered my conscious field of possibilities. I’m up for the adventure, have some large possibilities on the horizon and fully believe that in 6 months I’ll know exactly which triggers to pull. I have so much freedom in my life and I’m ready, open, willing and able to fully start living that way. Here we GO!

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