On Science meeting Spirituality

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on August 17, 2020 in life coaching

I love science AND spirituality. They go hand in hand for me. ❤️

I love and have so much gratitude for all the amazing things I learned in Graduate School about the mind and family/emotional systems.

AND the last 5 years of focusing on and using holistic tools is what really allowed me to feel at home in my practice. The body & spiritual aspects magnified the effects of the cognitive tools in a way I never knew possible.

I LOVE teaching because I address both with everything I do – the science and the spirit. Both are necessary and when we feel “off” in life (out of alignment) and feel anxious, depressed, repressed, stuck, stagnant, abuse substances etc. I believe it’s from neglect in one or more of the core areas: mind, body or spirit.

Our culture tends to glorify certain pieces or parts or practices in this triad but the truth is, they are all EQUALLY important and require equal care. For me, 5 years ago, I didn’t even KNOW I was neglecting my spirit. But I knew I was anxious and it became enough to take a hard look at everything I “thought I knew.”

The body knows best. It’ll let you know when pieces of you are being neglected and it’s up to you to listen.

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