On Choosing to Grow Forward

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on August 10, 2020 in life coaching self-care

Making “the decision” is only the first step. Often our minds build up the choice to such a degree that we expect it to be easy once the choice has been made. The truth is, that’s when the real work begins. What feels like a big choice isn’t a big choice because of the consequences or implications of change that come with it.

The “big” feeling comes from our inner knowing that when we pivot hard, all the baggage that has been keeping us anchored in that place will come flying out. That’s why the in between place can be so effing uncomfortable. The in between place, if we can learn to handle the discomfort, is where we really grow, it’s where we are really set free. If we race too quickly to get to the next big thing, we miss the opportunity to shed those anchors and just attach them to something else. Shedding the old happens in the most beautiful way when we can learn the best and most helpful ways to sit with our discomfort.

Make the decision to grow forward AND make the supporting decision to sit with and accept whatever comes up from there. Those feelings are not an invitation to respond, they are invitation to get curious and to acknowledge everything you’ve been carrying with you. The shedding comes when we drop resistance and are open to letting our past meet our present with total acceptance.

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