Don’t Fake it until You Make it

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on December 10, 2022 in PSYCH-K

And cue: all the shiny, unrealistic, blatantly erroneous ish we see so often on Instagram 😬😬😬

As above, so below, as within, so without. In addition to having our own unique conditioning and programming, we are all subject to a larger programming in the society we live in. The old, antiquated way of seeing things and “faking it til you make it” has taken on a new life force with social media at the helm.

I have curiously been observing this especially when it comes to the field of coaching & consulting. I see a lot of shiny, promising messages and have witnessed a lack of foundation and delivery,
leaving clients disillusioned and coaches hemorrhaging money in an attempt to feed the “hungry ghost.”

When we come from a place of scarcity and lack subconsciously, we will be tempted to fake it until we make it, voraciously over spending on more certifications, classes, trips, and retreats in an attempt to be enough, to do enough, to post enough. While all of those things are lovely, they aren’t always necessary and/or wise when the goal is to create wealth in a sustainable, authentic way. In fact, the more we throw at the external, the hungrier the ghost becomes and the next thing we know, imposter syndrome has set in.

I have been observing this cycle for a while now and love working with other coaches and entrepreneurs to help them upgrade their subconscious belief systems and lives to match their messaging. And, this isn’t solely for helpers, healers, coaches and the like, it’s for anyone whose projected image isn’t in alignment with what’s happening behind the scenes.

I have connected this fake it mindset directly to topics like abundance, wealth, money, over eating and codependency/relationship issues. They all go hand in hand.

And all of them are much easier to grow through with the help of subconscious change and PSYCH-K.

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