Understanding Our Triggers

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on December 1, 2022 in stress triggers

Most people spend a LOT of time creating complex and complicated rituals in an attempt to avoid being triggered or have their wounds poked.

Unfortunately, the stress that often compounds from trying to navigate and avoid emotional stress triggers actually just makes us feel worse. Additional stress = nervous system spike = feeling worse.

Working with the trigger or trauma directly allows us to create immense amounts of space that we previously didn’t have access to – it frees up bandwidth for us to do things that feel good.

Unprocessed emotions, triggers and trauma are incredibly depleting. Most people who self describe as feeling anxious are usually experiencing physical feedback that’s directly related to all of the stored emotion & trauma that hasn’t been released. When that is coupled with energetically draining worry based rituals to avoid stressors we end up with unbalanced nervous systems and experience distress as our normal state.

I use a combination of “get better” tools like PSYCH-K to work directly with triggers & trauma and “feel better” tools to give you tangible ways to self-soothe your nervous system during intense moments. We refer to those feel better tools as self-care and love teaching and sharing those practices!

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