Why Urgency is a Liar

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on November 25, 2022 in fear life coaching

When it comes down to it, very few things are actually urgent. If we are feeling a sense of urgency to respond or take immediate action, it’s always worth checking in with ourselves and calming our nervous system down. If you typically experience anxiety, stress or indecisiveness (often a side effect of anxiety) consider that urgency is just fear in disguise. If you’re afraid of what will happen if you don’t take immediate action, you aren’t consulting the smartest part of yourself, you’re consulting with anxiety based fear. Taking action in that state of mind will rarely lead you to advocate for what’s best, it’ll likely lead you to make an impulsive leap in an attempt to relieve the feeling of anxiety/fear.

So remember, urgency is often a liar and we always want to soothe our systems before attempting to solve a problem. If you soothe and still feel a sense of certainty about taking the action, go for it!

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