Choosing Courage over Fear

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on November 16, 2022 in fear life coaching

When our mind’s shift into comparison mode, we can be certain that fear is at the wheel. Comparison is fear’s henchman, scanning the world to find ways to make us feel small, unworthy, and behind in our life trajectory. And what an effective henchman it is! It’s effective in paralyzing us so we chase other people’s version of success and we become distracted enough to miss the message underneath it all.

The antidote to comparison and fear is courage. Courage allows us to acknowledge the fear, fully feel it and move towards what’s in alignment for US. Courage and fear often exist simultaneously and it’s up to us which one to lean into. Fear is a trickster, it’ll send you down rabbit holes of worry, throwing anything it can at you to keep you stuck or taking random turns that lead you in circles. Courage stays steady, it’s only connected to what’s right and best for you and it doesn’t vacillate, it’s that sense of deep inner knowing that we can bury or hide from but that doesn’t change.

Choosing courage over fear is a bold decision and “fortune favors the bold.” BUT the quickest way to become acquainted with courage is to make sure that you are primed to choose it on a subconscious level. We can do this easily and quickly through the PSYCH-K processes which allow us access to those specific areas of the brain. This makes creating change 95% easier than you would experience otherwise. If you want it to stick, start there.

We are at a time collectively where choosing courage over fear is incredibly important, both for our individual lives and for humanity as a whole. We can empower ourselves best by committing to understanding how our brains and bodies work to create our perception of reality and then leveraging tools to upgrade what needs to change so we can live our best lives, on purpose and with purpose.

If you’re ready to take that journey, let’s begin! 1-1’s are currently available AND I have 6-month Quantum Leap programs (both 1-1 and two group options) beginning in January. Contact me for more info 🤍

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