On Picking Jeans & Good Choices

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on July 14, 2020 in Quick Facts

On Jeans and Good Choices 

Here’s the secret –  no one else really knows what they’re doing either. And the more sure they are of how things need to be done or how you should behave, or what the “right way is,” the more misguided they likely are. 

If there is one truth I choose it’s that there is no one “right way.” There’s what works for me and what works for everyone else until that way stops working and I have to choose a new way to fit how I have grown. 

That’s up to us too you know; picking our own “right way” and then discarding it when necessary. We are allowed to pivot, we are allowed to take in new information and when we can put aside our pride or the idea that we are “right,” we will likely pivot frequently. Something being right for us also doesn’t mean that everyone else is wrong.

Someone else’s “right way” might be chosen by us 5 years from now but today when you try it on it might be like “oh FUCK NO.” And that’s okay too. It’s only “right” if you’re ready for it.

You can tell if you’re ready for it the same way you can tell if a pair of jeans is right for you – how does it feel when you try them on? Too tight, constricting, too big in some areas or super cute but just aren’t “me.” OR “ahhh yes, this is the perfect fit” AND you still might look back in 5 years and be like wtf was I thinking??

Either way, the right way is the one that fits you, today. No rush. You’re choosing exactly what YOU need at this point in YOUR journey to learn exactly what YOU’RE supposed to be learning. Do you see why we can’t all have the same beliefs and realities and aren’t supposed to all make the same choices? There’s no wayyyy one pair of “jeans” would fit all of us the right way. Same goes for choices. And luckily, when it comes to jeans and right choices, there is always more shopping to do as we grow and change. 

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