We Become What We Consume

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on July 20, 2020 in life coaching Quick Facts self-care

We Become What We Consume

Consume Your Bliss

We become what we consume, in every aspect of our lives. We crave control and then constantly look for and consume as much external information as possible to make an “educated decision.” While there is a need for some external information, when we are deeply connected to our own inner source of wisdom, the need from extraneous amounts of outside input is not needed and at some point becomes undesirable.

Part of waking up is learning to trust our internal navigation system without the support of empirical external data. A natural part of that is seeking out the external as a way to test the internal. Trying on other people’s theories and views to see how they feel. We can discern pretty quickly which ones are currently in alignment with the reality we have built and are currently living in by the way they make us feel when we try them on. Expansive or constricting.

And then we learn fully that we no longer have to try on the reality of another, that the testing phase drains us pretty quickly, that each of us living in our own version of reality based on our past conditioning, current mood and current external circumstance (for the most part unless you’re living in pure unattached awareness). Which is our narrative and we embrace the understanding that no one else needs to share ours for it to be valid, nor do we have to convince anyone to. Everyone is doing EXACTLY what they are supposed to be doing, operating in their own reality, from their own level of awareness, each playing an important role in the whole. We get a limited time in these particular bodies on this awesome 3-d playground. So figure out what you want, create a narrative full of expansive core subconscious beliefs and enjoy the ride. 💫

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