Processing Grief (Unexpected Change)

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on April 20, 2020 in life coaching No Comments

We can’t spiritually bypass anger, sadness, frustrations, anxiety, or grief. We have to let them pass through us and when things are chaotic, to do that, free from numbing agents can be REALLY HARD. I’ve felt A LOT of feelings this week and 90% of the time allowed myself to feel and then deal with

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Can People Really Change?

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on November 11, 2019 in life coaching self-care No Comments

Can people really change? Especially after a certain age? (I.e. adulthood) I believe, with absolute certainty, that they can. I’ve done it myself and have created a business based on it. Believing that people can’t really change “who they are” is just a thought, and thoughts can be changed. In fact, entire belief systems can

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