Time does NOT heal all wounds

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on January 27, 2023 in anxiety PSYCH-K stress triggers

As we begin to close out the year, the idea of how we have spent our time always pops up. And unfortunately, most people, during reflection, become a judge and jury, focusing on where they didn’t do enough as opposed to celebrating what they did.

You did enough this year, you did exactly what you were supposed to do and even if it doesn’t make sense yet, it soon will.

Spend these next few days celebrating what you did do – all the wins, all the lessons and all the laughter.

And if you want to set a goal for 2023, might I suggest embracing the idea that time doesn’t heal all wounds, YOU DO. Whatever needs healing might not be your fault and it’s still your responsibility. No one else will do it for you and time won’t actually help you unless you’re helping yourself. The world rushes in to support you once you decide it’s time to clear out and really heal those wounds.

Your external reality is almost always a reflection of how active your trauma and limiting beliefs are. And those things can be healed, changed and upgraded.

May 2023 be the year you take charge of your life by learning how to support and leverage the amazing skill sets of your mind and body so you can up-level your time here.

Here’s to making friends with time

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