Doing “the work” – smarter, not harder

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on January 21, 2023 in anxiety life coaching PSYCH-K

I found this old journal today while looking for something to write in during a client session. It was a great reminder of what “the work” looks like when you’re not aware of or using subconscious change tools (I use PSYCH-K for this).

The old way of trying to manifest and create a different life is to get clear on what you don’t want, use that as contrast to identify what you do want, write down as clearly as possible what you desire and then take really good care of yourself, mind your thoughts and rinse and repeat. Essentially you need to put A LOT of time into doing things that keep you feeling as good as possible so your thoughts don’t shift into fear based anxiety patterns. This is the premise of “what you focus on expands” bc your brain is trained to look for more of and create more of what you focus on most, even if it’s not what you want to happen.

While all of that proved useful and taught me a lot, it was TIRING and SLOW. As it turns out, I was working with the wrong mind – all of that stuff is conscious brain work and it requires significantly more effort than just working with the real boss – your subconscious mind.

With PSYCH-K we work with statements like the ones in this slide “I am at peace” “I am worthy” “I deserve what I want” – but instead of repeating them as mantras a million times, we actually use a process to create a new program/code in your brain so that the statement is now your new normal. I’ve done so many and have come so far that I almost forgot my old daily practice of writing those things allll the time. I remember thinking there has to be a simpler way to get to where I want to go and luckily there was.

Learn from my learning curve on this one and skip the repetition and lengthy practices and rituals. (Unless you just really enjoy them) I save those for fun time vs. “this is how I manage my anxiety and I have to do this.”

If you’re ready to experiment with doing things differently and much more efficiently, reach out, I have specials running through January 10th for single sessions, couples sessions and 6-month programs,

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