Break Generational Trauma

Posted by Katie Kovaleski on January 15, 2023 in anxiety life coaching parenting PSYCH-K triggers

The greatest gift a parent can give their children is that of their own personal inner work. We regard physicals and going to the doctor as a normal part of life and yet, the idea of doing your own inner work, brain health work, is still reserved for triage time when things have become too chaotic to manage. I.e. most people wait until they break before deciding to really get some help.

The way we experience life begins in the brain. Our perception and experiences are dictated and ruled by coding/programming in the subconscious mind. These codes and programs are referred to as belief systems. And these coded programs are formed unconsciously during childhood by witnessing and watching the people around us. The way the people around us behave during childhood is how we form programming for EVERYTHING. What love means and looks like, being a friend, being in a family, what behaviors will get us punished, what it means to be a man or woman, husband/wife, how hard it is to change, what success is, what money is/means etc., whether you’re smart, like-able, worthy…it all begins in the subconscious mind.

The fastest and easiest way to make sure children grow up with the most supportive coding/programming is for parents to heal themselves and treat self-care, therapy and “the work” like they would going to the dentist or doctor. Your programmed belief systems won’t change by thought alone. Wanting better for your kids isn’t enough. If you want to give children the best shot at this life that you can, normalize taking care of your brain the way you do your body.

If you’re ready to start that work, I have a few spots left for my 6-month Quantum Leap programs – this can be done 1-1, with couples or in a small group setting (4 people max). The link in the bio has all the details and I’m running a 10% off special through the first week of January 🤍

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